Falling Sinks & Silicone

If your caulk around your sink has started molding and blackening we can make it look brand new again by removing all the old silicone and replacing it. While we are doing this we also make sure to reinforce your sink from underneath so that it will not fall down in the future. We use a two-part epoxy to secure your sink to the stone top underneath.

If your sink has already fallen, we will need to come out and disconnect all of your plumbing while taking off and cleaning the edges of your sink and all the left over silicone that’s stuck to your granite. If it is possible we build a frame for your sink to rest on, this insures that your sink can no longer fall down. We also apply new silicone to your sink and adhere it to the stone top. Once the new silicone and frame are in we use a two-part epoxy to secure the sink, this will provide you with three levels of security for your sink.