Deep Clean & Reseal

To prevent staining of your natural stone countertops, periodic sealing of the stone is needed. This will provide a layer of protection for your stone from everyday wear and tear. Some natural stone requires sealing more often than others. For example Marble needs sealing every 6 months to a year while Granite will only require sealing every 1 to 2 years.
To properly reseal granite a deep clean of the surface is recommended. Our process includes scrapping off and removing any gunk and sticky residue that has accumulated on top of your countertops since the last reseal. Then using an alcohol based cleaner we scrub off any remaining residue. Once finished you will be able to see just how much dirt was actually on the surface of your countertop that you never realized was there. We then apply a coat of sealer to your granite and buff out the sealant once the layer has dried. Your countertop will be ready to use within a few moments after we’ve completed.