Our company prides itself on the great belief that customer satisfaction is key to the success of our business. The quality of our products and services are of the highest standard with no exception.
These ideals have been with us since the start of our company over 18 years ago, when a small installation company by the name of European Designer Marble and Tile first made its debut to the design build industry. We soon started expanding to more than just installation services when we opened our first store, Value Floor Store, Inc. offering our customers more flooring and design choices than ever before. In 2007 we merged the two companies into Cutting Edge Granite, Inc. to better offer all services.

Our Countertop Process

The following is an overview of the events of a typical job and is helpful information for anyone considering or installing new counters. Although the outline focuses on counters tops the process is the same or similar for most installations.

1. Consultation

We begin with an initial consultation and estimate. You can either come in and personally see us or contact us via the Internet. For a free estimate click here.

2. Process

A half down deposit is required to hold your material and to start the project. Once you have a Job Confirmation, the counter top project goes through the steps of templating, fabrication, and installation. If we are providing a tear-out service it will most likely occur on the same day as your installation. 

3. Timeline

Once you have received your quote from us and choose to proceed with the job, we will have you personally pick the slab(s) that you will use for your project. A timeline of your project, when we will begin the fabrication and installation, will be provided to you when the material is picked.

4. Templating

We come out to your home and access your specific situation. You will have the opportunity to explain in detail what you want, and then we can fill in the gaps with our recommendations. We will take a template of your kitchen: we ask that you have cleared your counter space and free it of any objects, so that we may finish the template efficiently and to protect your objects from any damage. Based upon these decisions and the measurements that we take, we will provide you with a final quote for your custom project.

5. Installation

When we come for the installation, please make sure the area has a clear path for our installers to carry the granite and all items from around the cabinets have been cleared off. It usually takes about a day to install a full kitchen top. Be aware that sometimes final cuts have to be made on-site and residual dust may occur, though our installers will try to catch most of it. A layer of Sealer is applied to keep your granite beautiful for years to come.

6. Completion

The balance of your bill will be due when the job is completed. Any questions you may have regarding your granite the installers will be happy to answer. Take in the view and enjoy your new beautiful Granite Counter Top.