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Cutting Edge Granite has over 22 years of experience designing and installing granite countertops for homeowners in Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities. Our company prides itself on the great belief that customer satisfaction is key to the success of our business. The quality of our products and services are of the highest standard with no exception.

Cutting Edge Granite Inc. provides prompt, professional installation and service that caters to your schedule. With over 22 years of experience, rest assured that we've performed granite and tile projects hundreds of times before so you won't have to "hope" for a quality outcome. Come visit our showroom and browse through a large selection of available products. From granite samples to hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, sinks and much more. Talk to an associate and find out about our current specials while you're there. We look forward to seeing you!

Granite Countertop Installation in Ann Arbor, MI

Countertop Installation Ann Arbor MI

Updating your kitchen offers fantastic resale value to your home and it can also transform your space into the dream kitchen you've always had in mind. One of the key focal points in your kitchen is your countertop choice. They're also your most used workspace, so it's important that the countertop materials you choose are not only beautiful, but functional.

It is hard to duplicate the true beauty of granite - each and every granite stone is unique. There are hundreds of color choices, many different patterns - veins, specks, swirls, you name it. They're beautiful, affordable, easy to maintain and incredibly durable. Hot items such as griddles, fryers, and toaster ovens won't burn or leave char marks on your granite countertop. Cutting Edge Granite offers beautiful granite countertops that you can afford and that complement your cabinets, flooring, or backsplash.

Our comprehensive, hassle-free process ensures a smooth installation:

1. Consultation

We begin with an initial consultation and estimate. You can either come in and personally see us or contact us by filling out our online form.

2. Confirmation

A half down deposit is required to hold your material and to start the project. Once you have a job confirmation, the countertop project goes through the steps of templating, fabrication, and installation. If we are providing a tear-out service it will most likely occur on the same day as your installation.

3. Timeline

Once you have received your quote from us and choose to proceed with the job, we will have you personally pick the slab(s) that you will use for your project. A timeline of your project, when we will begin the fabrication and installation, will be provided to you when the material is picked.

4. Templating

We come out to your home and access your specific situation. You will have the opportunity to explain in detail what you want, and then we can fill in the gaps with our recommendations. We will take a template of your kitchen: we ask that you have cleared your counter space and free it of any objects, so that we may finish the template efficiently and to protect your objects from any damage. Based upon these decisions and the measurements that we take, we will provide you with a final quote for your custom project.

5. Installation

When we come for the installation, please make sure the area has a clear path for our installers to carry the granite and all items from around the cabinets have been cleared off. It usually takes about a day to install a full kitchen top. Be aware that sometimes final cuts have to be made on-site and residual dust may occur, though our installers will try to catch most of it. A layer of Sealer is applied to keep your granite beautiful for years to come.

6. Completion

The balance of your bill will be due when the job is completed. Any questions you may have regarding your granite the installers will be happy to answer. Take in the view and enjoy your new beautiful granite countertop!

Visit our showroom to view our extensive collection of granite samples!

If you're looking for custom countertop installation services, contact the experts at Cutting Edge Granite today!